Vandalising A War Memorial Doesn’t Make A Point

Vandalising a war memorial doesn’t make a point – in fact, it serves to invalidate that point in some respects.


I know I’m a little late to the *ahem* ‘party’ on this one, but I feel that an important point about these protests has been missed.

Distasteful methods of protest such as this do very little to serve the cause of those who protested –  instead, they make a bigger deal about the process of the demonstration, rather than the issues that they are demonstrating against.

In fact, a good case could be made to say that such methods of protest begin to associate the unpleasantness of the vandalising of the war memorial with the actual aims of the groups perpetrating the aforementioned vandalism, especially considering the less-than-eloquent use of expletives.

The desecration of a memorial is both morally wrong, and also counter-productive to the aims of the people desecrating it.

Toby Cox



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